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Responsible for all types of small medium and large spare parts mechanical processing like lathing, milling, drilling, line cutting etc..


Zongxue Industry has all together 70 sets of metal cutting machines, including:


u    Vertical Lathe:17 sets, the biggest turing diameter is 5m.

u    Horizontal Lathe: 32 sets (30 sets are normal type and the other 2 sets are numerical control type, the biggest turning diameter is 2m).

u    Drilling Machine:7 sets, including 1 deep hole drilling machine with 5m drilling lenth and 400mm drilling diameter.

u    14 sets of other Drilling & Milling Machine, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine, Sawing Machine, Boring Machine, Planer, Slotting Machine, Line Cutting Machine etc..



C61125A Horizontal Lathe:



Big Horizontal Lathe 2m×16m:



2m Numerical Control Horizontal Lathe:



5m Vertical Lathe:



2.5m Vertical Lathe:



Other Devices:


Grinding Machine:



Deep Hole Drilling Machine:



Boring Machine:



Sawing Machine:



Milling Machine:



Line Cutting Machine:

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